Hoodie Viral Helmet

Sample photos of the finished product: the Hoodie Viral Helmet

What is the Hoodie Viral Helmet

The Hoodie Viral Helmet™ is the best viral protection that can be built right now.

  • Completely surrounds the head with no leaks.

  • 99.99% viral filter efficiency for the intake. Protects the wearer.

  • 99.99% viral filter efficiency for the exhaust. Source control. Protects others.

For more details and features, see here.

NEW! You can also view a more generic guide to building a Viral Helmet on Instructables.

The Hoodie Viral Helmet™ represents 1000+ hours of research and development by a team that includes doctors and engineers. It is closely related to the BunnyPAPR.org project that won the UCSF COVID-19 hackathon prize.

This 5 minute video helps explain how Viral Helmets can get us back to normal.

Build one: SETUP / PREP

Step1: Gather materials

Items marked * are included in any kit we provide our partners.

Parts needed

  1. Plastic sheathing *

  2. Clear/transparent viewport *

  3. Filters, 2qty. One for intake. One for exhaust. *

  4. Fan + flange + optional rubber band and screws *

  5. Electronics for 5V to 12V (and any plug adapters) *

  6. USB battery pack. (not included)

  7. Packing tape (not included)

  8. Neck strap or equivalent. (not usually included)

For details, sourcing materials, and specs, click here.

Tools needed:

  1. Scissors

  2. Ruler (or 8.5x11" or A4 paper to approximate size)

  3. You might need a small "eyeglass size" screwdriver.