$15 price breakdown

The following is the price breakdown of the Hoodie Viral Helmet. It can actually be built for about $9.


  1. Plastic sheathing

      • about 9 cents for plastic sheathing. (about 9 sqft at $2 for 200 sqft)

  2. Clear/transparent viewport

      • about 15 cents for a viewport (one 8.5x11" sheet from a box of 100 sheets (each report cover yields 2 sheets when cut in half) that costs $15.

  3. Filters, 2qty. One for intake. One for exhaust.

      • about $2 for 2. (Purchased in a pack of 100 units for $100.)

  4. Fan + flange + optional rubber band and screws

      • about $3.50 for the fan (digikey, bulk purchase price)

      • about $1 for the 3D printed part (based on PETG filament cost and electricity)

      • the rubber bands and screws are optional, so $0. If purchased, they are under 20 cents each.

  5. Electronics for 5V to 12V (and any plug adapters)

      • about $0.30 for the plug adapter (purchased in a bulk pack of 100 for about $30 from ebay)

      • about $1.50 for the step up USB 5V to 12V converter (purchased in bulk from AliExpress)

  6. USB battery pack. (not included)

      • Not included in the purchase price because many people already have these. Cheap battery packs can be found for about $5-$10 in bulk or on sale.

  7. Packing tape (not included)

      • about 9 cents of packing tape (about 3 yards needed from $3 for 100 yards)

  8. Neck strap or equivalent. (not usually included)

      • optional. For low cost usage, packing tape and spare scarf/cloth/rope can be used.


$8.94 for the parts listed above, excluding the battery and optional items.

~$5-10 for a battery pack.

~1 for optional materials: neck strap, screws, and rubber band.

This comes in well under $15 and would be the cheapest price that could be found. In a more realistic situation, you won't get everything at the cheapest cost and there will be shipping charges. So $15 is a realistic estimate.

NOTE: If you just want to build one unit, you won't be able to make it for $15. This is largely because of shipping costs and that many parts can't be bought in qty1. You often have to buy a bulk pack of 50 or 100. A few items can be bought individually.

If you want to build 10 or more, please contact us. We can help with sourcing parts in smaller quantities. We coordinate makers who might want to split orders.