The Hoodie Viral Helmet™ is the best viral protection that can be built right now.

  • Completely surrounds the head with no leaks.

  • 99.99% viral filter efficiency for the intake. Protects the wearer.

  • 99.99% viral filter efficiency for the exhaust. Source control. Protects others.

Why do we think it's the best viral protection that can be built right now?

Two answers: Filter and Fit.

FILTER. It uses hospital-grade viral filters with 99.99% viral filter efficiency. These are among the highest rated filters than can be purchased. 500X fewer particles than an N95. Some HEPA filters reach this level of filtration efficiency.

These are the same exact filters that hospitals use. Not just the same "level". The same supply chain. Because we order from the same vendors as hospitals, these filters meet the same standards. When we look at filters like for the Broad AirPro, those are good filters specs, but we don't know anything about the testing and quality control.

FIT. The bag covers the whole head, protecting the eye and face and nose. There are no leaks. Furthermore, this uses the positive pressure principle of PAPRs. This means that if there is a small leak, any airflow would be outward. No potentially contaminated air would flow inwards.

Fit is a big issue and under-emphasized. A recent pre-print study found that leaks for a surgical mask might make those masks about 10% less effective.

There is, of course, a downside: you can't pull it down to easily eat or scratch your nose (except through the bag).

More Details

The Hoodie Viral Helmet™ can be customized. The inner shell is plastic with a power fan and filters. It puffs up because of the positive air pressure, just like a PAPR that hospitals use. The outer shell can be a fabric hood made of whatever you want. It can be as stylish as needed.

A big upside is that you can see the whole face. This is big for working with young kids or people with hearing problems.

For people who have problems with face seal, including people with beards or faces with angular features, Viral Helmets work well for you.

The Hoodie Viral Helmet™ cannot be purchased. You have to build it yourself. The plans are free for non-commercial use. (If you choose to build one, then you are bound by these full license terms). We can help you get the parts, but it's up to you to build.

The Hoodie Viral Helmet™ is not FDA approved or certified by any certifying agency. Largely, this is because it would cost $250,000 to $1M to get NIOSH or FDA certification. We do think it would pass, but don't have the money or scale to get it tested. (The individual filters have been tested and we've seen the NaCl test results).

It can be built for about $15 of parts if you buy in bulk. (Price does not including a USB battery pack, ~$5-10 more).