Viral Helmet Selection Guide

Viral Helmet Selection Guide

  • If you want better protection (higher than 90% and no leaks)...

    • Are you okay with a mask that covers the mouth? Consider the Broad AirPro. ($50-80 BroadAIR, sold on Amazon.) ~95% (HEPA H13) level of protection

    • Do you want to spend $300+ for something that looks very good? Consider the bioVYZR or AIR by microclimate. They offers 95% (KN95) level of protection.

    • If you want the highest level of protection that uses hospital-grade and hospital-sourced filters, you'll have to build your own bunnyPAPR or Hoodie Viral Helmet™. 99.99% (PFT hospital filters) level of protection. The Stanford pneumask project and also use 99.99%+ filters and may offer free kits to hospital workers.

    • You can also buy a commercial PAPR, like those made by 3M and MaxAir. Those cost about $2000. NOTE: Those do not filter the exhaust so there is no source control. A surgical mask is one way to provide source control.

Read more about why getting beyond 95% filtration is so important but also hard to do.